Saturday June 11th



 Four Spectacular Competitions in One Prestigious Event!

 ~ Mr./Ms. California Bodybuilding Pro Qualifier                                                            ~ Ms. California Figure Pro Qualifier                                                                                  ~ Ms. California Bikini Pro Qualifier                                                                                  ~ Mr/Ms. California Physique Pro Qualifier

This is a Drug Tested event!

All Athletes will be required to be 7 years Drug-Free! 


Eligibility: Open to all natural Athletes who hold a current NGA card or may obtain membership on the day of check-in. All Athletes are required to take a seven year drug free polygraph. If you fail the polygraph, you must take a urinalysis at your expense.

Check-in: All natural Athletes will check in on Friday, the day before the show @ the Folsom Middle School. 500 Blue Ravine Folsom, CA 95630                                    ~ All Female Athletes will check in at 5pm.                                                                      ~ All Male Athletes will check in at 7pm.

Check List for Check-in:                                                                                                         ( ) NGA Membership $60 ~ you may obtain one at check-in                                         ( ) Music ~ All competitors will go on stage to their own music. All music                must be burned on a CD-R (NOT CD-RW) Please have 2 CD’s made for            backup. Bodybuilders 90 seconds ONLY! All other Athletes, the music will be        faded out as you exit the stage.                                                                                         ( ) Announcement Sheets ~ Please have them filled out NEATLY for the MC. They   will be read before you enter the stage at the night show.                                       ( ) $50 cash for the Polygraph test.


Pre-Judging 10:00 AM ~ $20.00 General Admission

Evening Finals 6:00 PM ~ $25.00 General Admission ~ $30.00 VIP (First 12 rows)

Show Location

Folsom Middle School (500 Blue Ravine Road Folsom, CA 95630)

Posing Classes all Year

Stage preparation for Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, & Physique

  • Prejudging Prep
  • Evening Prep
  • Conditioning
  • Stage Presence
  • Mandatory Poses
  • Posing Routines
  • and much more!

All season classes! Contact us now for times and availability!

No time to waste! ~ (916) 201-2922

Class Location

The Gym ~ 9844 Business Park Dr. Sacramento 95827

Upcoming NGA California Shows

NGA South Tahoe Natural Pro Qualifier


South Lake Tahoe High School ~ 1735 Lake Tahoe Blvd. South Lake Tahoe 96150

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I am a Certified Professional Fitness Trainer. I have certifications in personal training and nutrition. With over 24 years of experience, I have helped many people obtain their fitness goals. Whatever your age or fitness level may be, "My Own Personal Trainer" (video encyclopedia) is the perfect tool to achieve fitness success! I have been promoting the Drug-Free Mr/Ms California for over 20 years. I have helped many top Athletes reach a higher fitness level with my training and knowledge! I am now on a mission to reach the WORLD! I would love to walk in a Gym anywhere in the world and see everyone training safely and more efficiently. Help me protect your joints for longevity! ~Johnny "The Motivator"

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