Heavy Weights vs Light Weights

One of the many Myths in Fitness is heavy weights less reps build muscle and light weights more reps tone the muscle.  In some cases this is true. So, if I take someone who wants to build and go as heavy as possible with low reps and he/she goes out and only has one meal per day, will he/she grow? Or, I take someone who wants to tone and we go light weights with many reps and he/she goes and has a box of Twinkies and a 12-pack of beer each day, will they tone? Well the answer is NO! To build or tone has many more factors to these equation. One of them is caloric intake!

Every muscle is different. Take calves for instance, if you want to build your calves and train them with heavy weight and do only 6-8 reps, they would not even respond. Why? Cause calves are use to repetitions from standing, walking running, jumping etc. So, if you want to build or tone, calves want more reps. A rule of thumb, go as heavy as you can for the repetitions you are trying to accomplish WITHOUT breaking your form!

So, what movements are made to train heavy and what movements are made to train light? Power movements are made to train heavier with fewer reps and developing exercises are made to train with more reps and as heavy as possible without breaking your form. There is no need to train light!

Power movements ~ These exercises are made for power and strength, of cause you will also be developing your muscles.  They are all your presses and pulls. For example: Squats, Deadlifts, all your Bench Presses, Shoulder Press, Leg Press, Pull-Ups, Pull-downs, all your Rows etc.

Developing movements ~ These exercises you will not get stronger on, you will reach a point that you cannot go any heavier. I am talking with PERFECT FORM, the only way you should be lifting, Not MOMENTUM! The movements are all your laterals, core, and extensions. For example: Side Laterals, Front Laterals, Leg Extensions, Lower Back Extensions, Pec Dec, Flyes, all ab work, etc.

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