Heavy Weights vs Light Weights
One of the many Myths in Fitness is heavy weights less reps build muscle and light weights more reps tone the muscle.  In some cases this is true. So, if I take someone who wants to build and go as heavy as possible with low reps and he/she goes out and only has one meal › Read more
I put together Body Part Clinics to educate people on exercises and what they do to your joints if done incorrectly. Learn what popular exercises are doing more damage then good! These clinics are open to anyone who wants to learn the safest and most efficient way to exercise. These are the most detailed clinics › Read more



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I am a Certified Professional Fitness Trainer. I have certifications in personal training and nutrition. With over 24 years of experience, I have helped many people obtain their fitness goals. Whatever your age or fitness level may be, "My Own Personal Trainer" (video encyclopedia) is the perfect tool to achieve fitness success! I have been promoting the Drug-Free Mr/Ms California for over 20 years. I have helped many top Athletes reach a higher fitness level with my training and knowledge! I am now on a mission to reach the WORLD! I would love to walk in a Gym anywhere in the world and see everyone training safely and more efficiently. Help me protect your joints for longevity! ~Johnny "The Motivator"

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