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I was Honored when the legendary Darryl "Cappy" Lewis told me he wrote a song about me and my training. I put together a slide show of my clients and their amazing accomplishments! ;o)>

Posted by Johnny Motivator on Sunday, March 23, 2014



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As a former United States Marine and ultra-endurance athlete, I find it difficult to find a trainer who can handle my unique training requirements. You were the exception to the rule. Your creativity, knowledge and injury free training were instrumental in helping me achieve my fitness goals.
Kevin Craft
Even for me being kinda more of an advance lifter and not so much a beginner. It was really good to learn small little tweaks in my form to really isolate those movements a lot better. Even if your just getting started especially to protect your joints and focus more on form. So many people now a days are just throwing weights and trashing their bodies. I think it is very awesome that someone is out there doing that, wanting to look out for everybody.
Miranda Rathburn, Top Bikini Competitor
Your motivation is what helped me shed over 100 lbs., beat depression, make me smile and enjoy life once again. You are the Best Trainer! 
Patti Gracia
“Refuse to accept anything but the best.” I really feel this is the foundation of your ability to bring out the best in your clients!
Usually I can do 10 or 15 reps with the form incorrectly and it wasn’t that big of a deal but my wrist sure hurt and I didn’t really feel it in my biceps. When you showed me the correct form, I had to drop the weight way down and by the sixth rep my biceps were on fire, it hurt, it was completely different, I could feel everything in my bicep. I didn’t feel it in my shoulders anymore and the fact that my wrist wasn’t hurting. Wow, I kinda really like doing biceps now!
Christen Miranda, Pro Figure Competitor
Thank you so much for all the motivation and dedication you have shown me. I love my new healthier lifestyle and I see my whole family having fitness in mind for years to come.

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I am a Certified Professional Fitness Trainer. I have certifications in personal training and nutrition. With over 24 years of experience, I have helped many people obtain their fitness goals. Whatever your age or fitness level may be, "My Own Personal Trainer" (video encyclopedia) is the perfect tool to achieve fitness success! I have been promoting the Drug-Free Mr/Ms California for over 20 years. I have helped many top Athletes reach a higher fitness level with my training and knowledge! I am now on a mission to reach the WORLD! I would love to walk in a Gym anywhere in the world and see everyone training safely and more efficiently. Help me protect your joints for longevity! ~Johnny "The Motivator"

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